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My Account and Registration

You need to enter your email id on the sign in page and then click on the Forgot password box. An OTP will be sent to your registered email Id/Mobile; you need to enter the OTP which will redirect you to the login page where you can enter your new password.

You can easily change your password in update Profile section under the Account tab.

For changing your Registration address and phone number you need to go to the update Profile section under the Account tab and make the suitable changes.

(i) Faster Checkout
When you register to Account, you will be benefited with a faster checkout for all your purchases.


(ii) Track Order
Tracking orders can be done easily in a single click.


(iii) Add to cart
You can add multiple themes of Commemorative Coins from all the three different Units of SPMCIL to your shopping cart and make single payment for multiple themes of three different Units.


(iv) Save time
Your contact details are saved and by this, you need not type the details every time you make a purchase. This will in turn save your time.

No, Once Registered, the same Log-In can be used for buying coins of Different Mints.

Online Purchase Related

No, only you have to register on for buying coin online.

You can buy Souvenir & Commemorative Coins on various themes.

You can purchase Commemorative Coin from three Mints of SPMCIL-India Government Mint-Mumbai, India Government Mint-Kolkata & India Government Mint-Hyderabad.

Commemorative coins can be seen as being of one of three types:


1. Regular issue coinage are the normal coins intended to be used in commerce every day and are typically issued with the same design for several years.


2. Circulating Commemoratives are intended to be used for commerce, but the design will only be issued for a limited time to commemorate an event, anniversary, person or location, among other items.


3. Non-circulating legal tender (NCLT) are coins which are legal tender, and thus can in theory be used to purchase goods or services, but are not intended to be used in such a manner. Rather, they are intended as collector's items with numismatic value, and are often produced in gold or silver, either in uncirculated condition or with a proof finish.

Selling price is final and hence, does not have the facility of matching the price. We make sure to calculate using current precious metal so that we can provide the product to you at the best price. However, such prices would change from time to time.

The coin sets can also be booked by registering online on the customer corner section of our website.


Once registered -> Log-In to the Website -> View Available Coins on Sale -> Add Coin(s) to Cart -> Make Online Payment.

Please make sure to follow the simple steps that are mentioned below:


• First of all, select your desired piece of Commemorative Coin and "Add to your Shopping cart'.


• Click on 'Checkout' if in case your order is final. If not, 'Continue Shopping'.


• Your contact detail will be automatically fetched on the Checkout Screen & your order no. will be generated to proceed for making payment.


• Choose the Mode of Payment (Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking & UPI) and then place your order.


• Once done, you will receive a confirmation email on order to the e-mail that you have provided during placing of the order.

Yes, Once Registered, the same Log-In can be used for buying coins of Different Mints.

No, there is no facility to place order by phone. The orders are accepted only through our official website i.e. https://


We offer different methods for making payment like net banking, debit card credit cards & UPI. Your account information will be confidential and we use SSL encryption technology for protecting your card information.

There is no hidden costs at all. We do not charge extra shipping charges also. The total price that is mentioned in the product page will be the final price including applicable taxes, packing material & postal charges.

The prices are subject to change without notice. You should know that you are liable to pay the amount that is stated on the day of purchase.

We accepts Maestro, RuPay, Master, Visa cards and we also accept international card. You will need to enter the 16 digit number that is featured on the card and also the CVV Code to initiate payment. We make sure to keep all the debit and credit card details private and also use SSL encryption technology for protecting the card information.

If there are any refunds, we make sure to credit the amount to your bank account once we receive the product within 10 working days. You need to get in touch with the Customer Support Team of the Mint.

The debit or credit card details that you provide on the payment gateway page will be authorized by the bank or debit/ Credit Card Company. After we receive the authorization, we finalize your order. You will know instantly if your credit card is accepted.

The reasons to refuse debt or credit card are mentioned below:


• If the card number in invalid (May be the result of a typo).


• If the card does not have sufficient credit balance remaining to pay for the order.


• If the billing address that is entered in the order form does not match with the address in your debit or credit card statement.


• If the expiration date of the card is not entered right.


You can contact your debit/ credit card issuing bank for any further clarifications.

We accept international credit & debit card. We also accept net banking facility that is provided by the major banks in India. To get a detailed list on the different options of payment, you can refer the payment options.

No, there is no facility to place order by phone. The orders are accepted only through our official website i.e. https://

Delivery and Shipment

All the coins listed on includes shipping charges.

The date of delivery usually depends on the type of product chosen by you. We have various products in store and make all out efforts to dispatch the order within 7 working days of payment confirmation.

We make sure to deliver the products through popular insured Speed post service which is a high-speed postal service provided by India Post.

Your piece of Coin is shipped in a durable condition and tamper-evident packing is done so that the product remains intact. We provide complete insurance to your Coin till it reaches you as we deliver the products to you through speed post service provided by India Post. We advise not to accept such products that are tampered with.

Yes, we have separate section (Commemorative coins for International Sale) for International customers on home page of from there they can place orders from the available themes.

If the product is not yet shipped; you can easily get the shipping address changed. In such cases, we will make sure to coordinate with our delivery partner to get it delivered to the latest address. You can get in touch with the Customer service team on numbers mentioned on the login page to help you with it. If the product is in transit and the address cannot be changed, we will make sure to reship such product to new address when the product is returned to us.

No, we are sorry. As of now we do not have such option.

We deliver our products throughout India.

Yes. You can get the product delivered in India. We would need a valid shipping address in India for the product to be delivered.

Our deliver partner will always leave a message in such circumstances and will try to deliver the product to you again. However, we request you to plan your purchase so that product gets delivered at the right time.

In order to ensure that the products do not miss in transit, we inform the delivery partner to deliver the product only to person who has initiated the receipt of product. Therefore, we request you to plan and coordinate your purchase so that you receive the product without any problem.

The customer is requested to keep a photocopy of any of the identity proofs like driving license, Pan Card, Voter’s id, Aadhaar or passport while receiving the product.

You can easily track the status of order by logging in to our website ( and clicking on Track Order. However, you can also track Speed post on official website of department of Posts.

If in case you are not satisfied with the product and would want to return it back to us, we have Returns & Exchange Policy in place. Under this, you will not be liable to pay any speed post charges for return shipment.

We provides transit insurance on all goods till they reach you.

If such events, we make sure to wait for about 15 days and then initiate reprocessing or reshipment of the goods.